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Ground breaking tools to extract, organize, share and protect data

Sophisticated search engine platform to find what you want

Equine Fax, Inc. is a disruptive technology start-up company developing next generation search engine and data curation platforms and products. The application and platform deliver meaningful search results using the (Object Oriented Relational Curation Analysis System) patented process. This innovative system addresses current search engine issues of over retrieval (millions of results, very few accurate) and under retrieval (not finding the correct result or returning unrelated results) and delivers more accurate results. The platform is designed to empower individuals, groups and businesses with straightforward tools to professionally extract, organize and selectively share information from a wide range of data sources. The platform is comprised of proprietary algorithms, tools and object oriented databases to enrich data with human intelligence and to optimize and explain search engine results.

  • Patented AI Search Engine - Application and tools to curate information, maintain privacy and security, and return search results with higher precision and retrieval accuracy
  • Analytics Engine - Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics engine using the platform to find meaningful trends and provide comprehensive, easy to use analytic reports